Famous Medan Culinary in the Archipelago

Enjoy a cup of Medan Culinary in the Archipelago coffee at Wak Noer Coffee Shop
Drinking coffee is synonymous with terrain individuals, there’s no reason, because Medan is the entry to the international coffee trade because the era. Coffee in Medan comes in other regions like from Aceh, Gayo Plateau, Dairi, Mandaeling and after that gathered in Medan as a purchase.
Well this time we will tour the culinary area to a coffee shop. To enjoy coffee in Medan, you don’t have to be confused about locating a coffee shop, because there are lots of coffee shops that you could visit, one of them is the Wak Noer coffee shop. Listed below are dozens of coffee menus that you might enjoy, all the coffee beans are the best quality. Which range from robusta coffee beans, arabica, to civet coffee that’s processed with the latest technology to generate tasty coffee.

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He stated, guys, the Wak Noer coffee shop still consistently produces the best coffee because it was initially established 3 years back. The shop located on Jl Uskup Agung Medan has a lot of lovers from around the globe, guys, therefore it is a reduction if you’re a coffee fan and don’t stop here whenever you move to Medan.┬áThe Manager stated the operation of the coffee beans came from the plantation itself, for the coffee plantation was around 14 hours in Medan City, precisely at Mandeling Natal.

Enjoy Soto Medan at Sinar Pagi Restaurant
Once you enjoy a cup of coffee to start the day going to culinary hunting in Medan City. To fulfill your stomach in the morning, eat tasty soto, stop by at Sinar Pagi Restaurant to enjoy a bowl of Soto medan. For the address of the Sinar Pagi Restaurant, it is located on Jl Sei Deli No 2D / 1 Medan and opened because 1962, there are no branches, men
Once you get here, just order a bowl of soup, we guarantee you won’t be disappointed with the taste. The evidence is that this area is crowded with addicted visitors with this area soup. For this particular soup shop opened at 7 o’clock in the morning, for a day may spend up to 500 soto bowls. Wish to know why there are tons of clients? Of course because the taste is tasty and the presentation is fast, appropriate for those that don’t prefer to wait long,
For the key of its own deliciousness, it is found at the spices used for seasonings blended with coconut milk. You may pick a lot of sorts of stuffing, such as beef, poultry or lung meat. It’ll be tasty with the fish dish along with the tasty potato dumplings for mercy. Oh yeah, forget, for the cost of Soto Medan in this Sinar Pagi Restaurant, it is Rp. 25,000 per bowl. For the taste, tender meat blended with coconut milk with strong spices appropriate for your fruits that likes fatty foods.